Above The Clouds

With all the excitement of my new job I've been struggling to post updates! Although I have been staying on top of my personal work. The inspiration that I'm feeding off in work feels surreal, not only am I working on a great project, I'm working with a fantastic team.

In the haze of my dream job I have accumulated a stack of sketches, so I'm doing my best to get them up on here. But for now I'll leave you with an illustration that depicts my life right now.


Ash Collins said...

looks ace man. where are you working now, is it that Good Story place in cardiff? is it owt good?

David Lewis said...

Yeah Its Good Story Productions, I'm working as a Storyboard artist, the project is still under wraps so I can't tell you anymore than that sorry dude! Its an amazing place to work, I got it better than I ever thought it would be in the industry.

How things with you anyways? Kei and MiIlo ok?
Can't remember the last time I saw you, was before Kei was pregnant!!

Ash Collins said...

fucken sweet dude, i'm glad you're getting so much out of it! leigh was there recently too wasnt he? any jobs goin there now? cos right now im startin at argos on monday!

things are great otherwise, Milo is friggen giant! he does eat all the time, so its no surprise. i think kei is recovered by now, but maybe has a bit of a cold. if its not one thing its another! XD

David Lewis said...

Ah thats good to hear! Haha you gotta make the most of it cus they grow so fast! My Niece and Nephew are growing up so quick it makes me feel like, hold up where the hell is my life going! Gotta love watching them grow up though.

Nothing going there at the moment, my contract was suppose to end on the 2nd Oct, I'm lucky to have been kept on because a few others were let go at that time. I'm due to finish at the end of this month now.

Will keep my eyes and ears open for you bro, especially now that Milo is in the picture!