Angel of Vengeance

Taking me 10 hours to paint, I finally got there. Not painting to industry standard yet but I'm working on it. The idea behind this is that the Angel of Vengeance is the only survivor from his company. After running out of ammo this is not enough to stop him, in his wake destroyed Chaos Space Marines lie. I originally went with Tyranids but they did not seem to fit. Also I had some drop pods raining form the clouds but I wanted his solitude to be the focus. Unscathed this marine is in line for a promotion, his attitude remains focused and ruthless - "Serve the Emperor today, for tomorrow you may be dead".



Taking it back to my childhood, I was a big fan of the Games Workshop. I preferred to model and paint the miniatures although I did get into gaming for a while. More specifically I love Space Marines and the whole world of Warhammer 40k I find so fascinating. I was a huge fan of the Blood Angels collecting an entire army (hate to think how much it cost my parents at the time). Anyways more to the point, been looking into some of the fantastic 40k Illustrations and its inspired me to go back to my child hood. I've decided to digitally paint a Space Marine. As there are so many chapters all so interesting deciding which one I found somewhat difficult. Rather than the choice of Blood Angels I was swayed into Dark Angels but after browsing I decided to go with Angels of Vengeance. Here is the sketch for now, colours coming soon...