Samurai Fury (I had a Dream Continued)

Samurai Fury, the name influenced from the RZA more specifically 'Take the Sword Pt.III' (Afro Samurai Resurrection OST), 'Mantis' 'Holocaust' (RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo). I'm pleased with the turnout as it is almost exactly how I imagined the character although it is lacking dynamic. I think I may cover this with some action sheets. I struggled with the lighting initially but with some help form the guys at work, they threw in some suggestion on how the character could be more defined through rim lighting etc. This led to me adding two extra lanterns in the background. I wanted the burning red sky to be so vibrant as this suggests the fury with in the character. As for the gun on his arm I was going to add some spent shells on the ground and some smoke off the barrel but the Samurai did not use the gun, he barely use his sword. I wanted his sheer presence to be so dominating because if there had been an suggestion of combat then it would have hinted to what actually happened in the fight, which I wanted to remain a mystery, until next time...

I had a Dream...

So with my ever lasting influence form Wu-Tang and with the recent release of Tekken 6 I find myself dreaming of a 3 round fight with a brutal Samurai who has a massive Tec Nine attached to his arm. After some blood shed, crazy acrobatics and a funky HipHop beat I manage to tie it at one a piece on the second round. Bruised, bloodied and almost beaten as the beginning of the 3rd kicks off I get this annoying ringing noise in my ear, ah the Samurai has some voodoo magic to throw off my concentration, stunned and disorientated I seize the opportunity for the winning blow, but then I soon realize its my alarm clock that knocked my concentration and so another day begins...

I will probably never know what the result was to the vicious battle but every time I look at this picture, I'll know... It 'aint over punk!

Here is the process of how I visualized the character within my dream.


Above The Clouds

With all the excitement of my new job I've been struggling to post updates! Although I have been staying on top of my personal work. The inspiration that I'm feeding off in work feels surreal, not only am I working on a great project, I'm working with a fantastic team.

In the haze of my dream job I have accumulated a stack of sketches, so I'm doing my best to get them up on here. But for now I'll leave you with an illustration that depicts my life right now.