Flightposite II BLK/GLD

The most inspiring design in balling sneakers i picked up were at Nike Town NYC 1997. 
Since wearing them out I've managed to get my hands on another pair. (Above)

So inspired by the design and material of the shoe I wanted to design a character that appeared if it  were to be made of the same materials and style used on the shoe. (Below)  

Unsure as to whether I'm going to make it organic or bionic. Surrealist form of the Anatomy will defiantly be the defining characteristic in this piece.


Cosmic Slop - Redman - Dare Iz A Dark Side 


LAWay said...

crazy trainers man, look futuristic or a costume from some sci-fi film. Awesome. Must have cost a bomb.

Ash Collins said...

those shoes are fuckin mint.... i'd never wear them but they look awesome, like those cars outta the judge dredd film XD